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Innovation in Identity Risk Management Strategy - US market

Fraudulent transactions using Social Security Numbers (SSNs) are easy to detect with SecureID™ an internal enterprise tool, which analyzes the first five digits and red flags a potential fraudster. Use this validator as a stand alone defense at account inception or integrate into an existing risk management portfolio as the first line defense. Benefits: reduces fraud loss, protects existing customers, and enhances net margins. Integrated into existing strategies, SecureID™ increases identity theft detection when name and SSN are stolen while decreasing overall identity management costs! Now, you can be sure of the identity of every new customer with this product whose modest cost will expediently return your investment.

SSN identity is deeply embedded in US government financial reporting rendering SSN validation a resilient and dependable anti-fraud strategy. Even in the wake of randomized new assignment policy of the Social Security Administration (SSA), simulation studies through 2026 using this highly effective tool demonstrate SecureID’s continued impressive performance. 

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